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JHJ Designs

Click on the images for a larger view then click on play button in lower right corner for slideshow. Meg’s Front Porch Santa Fe Dwelling 16 x 42 The Line Up 16 x 24 The King 11x14 Little Red Jugs 11 x 14 Abby Garden 5 x 7 Afterglow Apple Pitcher 5 x 7 Arches 11 x 14 Aspen Glow Bald Rock Study 8 x 10 Beach Front After Storm 18 x 24 Collie Drive 11 x 14 The Head Office 12x16 Blue Vase and Pear The Girls Out and About 16x20 Dueling Trees David’s Arrangement 14 x 16  SOLD Venetian Canel  8x10 Courtyard Goose View from My Window 11x14 Yellow Teapot 8x10 Zinnias Crockery


Waiting 12x16

Work Day Done 14x18